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Up charge buyer

Hey guys I have a buyer that I sent a custom offer for 50$ and it comes up to 73$ for him. And he told me Fiverr never charged him so much. I want to make this project. May anyone help me please?


Could it be that you set up the price in USD and your buyer is from Canada, Australia or New Zealand? Because then their account is most likely set up to their local dollars (CAD, AUD, etc.) and fiverr just converts the price. So it’s $50 USD = $73 CAD (just an example, I don’t know what the actual conversion rate is).


What is the problem if i set up the price in USD?? Describe me please

There is no problem, why would there be a problem?

People with dollars as their local currency tend to assume the price they are given is in their local dollars. While most international sellers mean “USD” when they say “dollar”.


Yeah lenasemenkova, this is the exact thing. He’s from Canada. How can I fix that?


Well, you can’t fix that he’s from Canada. :slight_smile:

I just say: “All my prices are in USD” when this issue comes up. Some people may refuse to proceed with an order. Most of them agree, though.

You can also set the price to 37 USD so it’s 50 CAD for them. But are you sure you want to make such a big discount?


Always happens, also with Australian customers.
That’s why when I quote my price, I do not simply use $, I usually write USD.