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Up to what extant (Percentage) plagiarism is allowed on fiver

Up to what percentage plagiarism is allowed on fiver


Plagiarism is a form of misappropriation, it’s not allowed.
Maybe you’re using the wrong term? Could you please describe more in details what are you trying to achieve?

i mean to say that if I make an assignment for a buyer and then i check it in turnitin a “plagiarism checker” and it gives me a similarity of 15 or 20 percent so would that be acceptable for fiver

Maybe 15%. I’m not sure.

We need a bit of contextualization:

  • what do you mean by “plagiarism checker”?
  • what is the concrete example you’re referring at?
  • to manipulate someone else copyrighted work you need their permission, are you using copyrighted work?
  • the service details must be agreed by both parties explicitly, the client and the seller must be fully aware of them, are you keeping the client updated on this topic?

That’s against fiverr TOS and your account might be banned.

Any amount of plagiarism is not allowed.


In or outside of Fiverr, 0%, all the time. Period.
Well, at least in my opinion!!


I’m assuming OP means the online srvices and apps that check how much your text resembles other articles available on the internet or in their database.
Normally there are some rules regarding originality % that is acceptable, because it is next to impossible to write a 100% original text on a lot of topics. Simply because we all are speaking/writing in similar sentenses.

Even for academic work there is an acceptable level of “plagiarism”. It has to be unintentional, of course. I’m not sure if anything changed now (perhaps the algorithms of those services did and they now don’t count unintentional similarities as plagiarism), but when I was still writing academic stuff, it was 3-5%, excluding quotes.

UPD: just checked this very post for plagiarism and one of the services says it’s originality is 80%.
Obviously I wrote it myself. Just to demonstrate that it might not be realistic to expect 100% every time even from entirely original work.
Although some of them show 100%, I’m guessing their algorithms are more sophisticated.