Upcoming forum STARS


Can’t post anything on the forum because of the upcoming forum stars.Stars trying to be moon but still they are fireflies . :smile:


What are you talking about?


Talking about people who post reply on every post on the forum and trying to be a star on the forum


It’s a forum.You are allowed post and people are allowed to respond to you. If you don’t want replies then start a blog and don’t have a comments section.
Of course, when your posts seem odd/shady or an attempt to game the system then you will get responses that question this. Or they will be removed by moderators.


Oopps…same one as I expect :smile:


I am a moderator, I am supposed to check forum posts. My first instinct on your last post was to remove it as it sounded like you were offering a system to cheat Fiverr’s Favorite system. Instead, I asked you to explain it in case my instinct was wrong and you simply meant something like “by doing excellent work your clients will like you and favorite your gig which is how to get unlimited favorites”. You didn’t respond to my query…
So, contrary to what you are saying, you actually were not stopped by a “star” (thanks btw, love you too) but were given the opportunity to explain what you meant. Moderators are here to ensure the site is clean and safe for all users, to remove spam and those who abuse/attempt to abuse the platform. It is an unpaid position and does not really have any benefits other than the fact that if there were no moderators, the forum would be unusable pretty quickly.


Mmm…sure I will think little bit about that… :slight_smile:


Are you the only moderator in this forum :open_mouth:


Hm, one of my teachers used to tell me “if you had a brain, you’d be dangerous”.

As it is, I don’t think we’re in any danger here.


I don’t think it has anything to do with that. The new forum has launched a few days ago and a lot of us are really enjoying it. I also think many enjoy earning the new badges and there is nothing wrong with it.

Why the negativity? Merry Christmas ;)!


I like your posts :slight_smile:


No there are a couple of us around. Not that it makes a difference that I am a moderator, anyone is entitled to respond to you as often as they like. Once they keep to the forum rules then it is not a problem.


If you are nice and post a lot you too can be a star. Try it and see! :slight_smile: It’s fun!


Why so bitter? Why not enjoy it like the rest of us?


I remember your previous topic where you had termed me as “Pandit” in the negative sense. (To non-hindi speakers : Pandit means who knows everything/ most of the things) It is really a slang in my area and I think you knows it very well.

Any Forum Member : OP …
OP : Do you think yourself a “Pandit”

Really? So, much negetivity… :neutral_face:

And to the ones you are terming as “Upcoming” Forum stars, I had seen them around for months and they are not “upcoming”.




Moderation Comment: A comment was here with another attempt by @ionfrog to engage in name calling. This violates the forum rules and has been removed .

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