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Upcoming Payments show wrong amount


My upcoming payments show wrong. 3 orders pending but only 1 show… Am i the only one having this issue?


Aww screen shot auto resized


I’m also experiencing such problems but the guys from Customer Support were so nice to ask the tech guys about them. The problems should be resolved within a day or two.


I contact them hope they fix it soon as always :slight_smile:


I’m also having the same problem! Except mine is worse… mine says $0 for Upcoming Payment… Is this a bug??


I have same problem + Additional bugs

  • Upcoming orders always 0
  • Awaiting Clearance seems wrong or doesn’t update
  • Notifications doesn’t go away (i have cleared my cookies and changes browsers)

    i had more than 5 orders each day. but for this month i have orders only from my regular buyers who has my gig link. no orders from new buyers.

    I’m little worried. why no orders for 4 days and why is this bug. anyway fiverr support told me that they will send this issue to tech team. just saw few other people also has this problem. that is a great news so im not alone :stuck_out_tongue:

    I should try posting few more new gigs. all my gigs are very clean and unique ones and has super awesome reviews. don’t know why i don’t get new orders. anyway that is not bad i can have a little break and travel a bit :slight_smile:


Reply to @geekychick: no :stuck_out_tongue: i guess some one is stealing


This issue is still not fixed yet… mine still says 0… does this mean that the upcoming payments will take even longer to process??


I seem to be having the same problem. My upcoming payments does not equal the amount of orders i currently have. I was stuck 0 for a few days even though i had new orders. The amount has now increased but this does not = the amount of orders i have when taking into account fiverrs share of the earnings.

I have also noticed that my stats for gig views seemed to stuck on the same figure even though i know buyers are seeing my gig as i have had new orders and enquiries!

Mr Explainer


All upcoming payments just added to Awaiting payments before we even see a new gig. So if you have this bug you do not have to seller to mark it as completed :smiley:


I have waited 2 weeks for my funds of 64 dollars to clear. Last night I went to bed confident that I would have 64 dollars when I wake up and now I have been paid only 32. This is bad. I have bills to pay