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Upcoming revenue show not right

Anyone have this issue? Upcoming revenue show not right, it miss 1,2 order but the total revenue you earned is right

I have never faced this issue as I have only made 1 sale yet, lol. If your balance shows wrong balance after the clearance then it is an issue worth contacting the support, obviously. Otherwise, I don’t think you should bother about it much.

Reply to @sameerthewriter: if you new seller it maynot, but when you got many sales, it a problem, cause many $ are not show right at clearance.

Btw my prolem solved

Reply to @dusuacangmon: Did it solve on itself or you had to contact the support? Yes, it’s a problem as you might not always remember your revenue.

Reply to @sameerthewriter: it now show, or the whole order not show when you done, and the total revenue not show right also. I have to sent ticket to customer support and they take it back. Thing happen when fiverr get an huge update.