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Upcoming Trends in Graphic designing

2020 is about to begin! Trends keep evolving with time to time, Logos does change, people preferences does change for Graphics, Hue choices evolve.
What you think about 2020, what styles could outbreak with the coming year.


According to Google,

The top 8 logo design trends 2020 are:

  • 3D gradients.
  • 80s throwback logo designs .
  • Raw & imperfect logos .
  • Logos with ultra thin lines.
  • Vintage 1930s cartoon logos .
  • Multi-layered & overlapping logos .
  • Complex animations with elaborate details.
  • Daring typography.

I personally can’t wait for " Logos with ultra thin lines" to backfire on everyone and be an absolute nightmare to scale and resize.


Thank you so much for sharing the trend. :slight_smile:

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Expected trends for 2020,
a. Dimensional depth and realism
b. Simple fonts
c. Abstract Illustration
d. Dreamy Illustration
e. geometric design/ illustration

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