UPDATE: 60 Days reviews are replaced with Life Time Reviews again


Hello everyone,
I just opened Fiverr and I am so happy to see that the 60 Days Review system is removed and now Life Time reviews are showing on all gigs again. Screenshot attached.

Do you see it on your side? or it’s just showing up on my side?


Reviews from Last 60 days feature Rolled back!

Oh goody! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

We should celebrate with some :cake: and :coffee:. I think one of my friends will even go for :pretzel:s and :beers:. (You know who you are, :alien:) :wink:


LOL of coure there must be a party for this update! :wink:


It’s nice.
Very nice.


Of course, this update made my day!


i didn’t saw 60 day reviews were showing for me lifetime reviews were showing all the time


Perhaps, they were showing up in beta version and Fiverr decided not to revert it again.


May be ! but showing 60 days reviews is not good idea anyway



owwwwo well done:heart_eyes::heart_eyes: