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Update about Corona

Hello Everyone How are you?
Hopefully all of you safe… For corona, people’s are lock down in their house and our nature revive with a new beauty that’s a wonderful benefit for Corona…from these maladies we need to discover that we have to control our air contamination for our incredible future…

Anyway, I do not get work last two months…so it’s going on now with everybody or I’m just influenced by this?

Hi there!

COVID-19 has badly impacted the business, and all of us are equally effected. Schools, colleges and companies all over world are shutdown, so logically there should be more work for freelancers. Perhaps reducing the Gig rates may do the trick and attract more buyers.

But Nowadays I’m not getting any order…Don’t understand what happened with my gigs :confused: :disappointed: thanks for the reply…

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Same with all of us. I mean more or less. But you can try changing price of your group gigs, and marketing them over social media.

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How are YOU doing? .