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UPDATE : Are you Limiting orders in queue ? Suggestions please?

Hey everyone ! I’m Akshay Sihag (Web Developer/Designer), so now that I’ve got your attention, you gotta read this…

So, you’re making good money from fiverr and your impressions/clicks/views on your gigs are increasing day by day right ? But, one thing you should know is if you’re getting many orders and you can’t handle all of them at once…then you might limit your orders in queue, right ?

But, do you know by using this feature, it allows you to control the number of orders you can receive. Once the limit you set is reached, your Gig will temporarily be removed from Fiverr’s search. Yeah, maybe some of you already know that, but for those who don’t…you should know this. But don’t worry your gig is again shown in search results just after 15 minutes.

Suggestions ?

After hearing a lot from you guys and top rated sellers, i think this is not much a problem since it does not affect your gig performance !

Still, i’m open to discussion on this topic…what do you guys think ? Let me know if by limiting orders in queue affect your gig or not ?

Happy Selling !!

Thanks !

Thank you for the tip. This information was really required. Now I understand why I could not see my gig while searching.

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This feature is nice, but I do not know how to rank gigs in fiverr, I only rely on positive feedback.

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Great tip…thanks for sharing!

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Lol, you can turn it off now

no you can’t rank your gigs on fiverr, just keep up the good work and positive feedback is what you need

Welcome !

An even better tip: Don’t focus on impressions. Impressions are just a number. You cannot control the impressions that your gig receives. Put your attention toward improving the things that YOU can control.

If you need to limit the orders that you receive, then by all means limit your queue. Contrary to the advice in this thread, it will NOT hurt the success of your gig. I’ve seen many sellers use this feature, and it has not been, in any way, dangerous for their gigs or the ranking of those gigs in the marketplace.

I turned it off immediately :slight_smile:

@jonbaas thank you for this information. I was only wondering if it effects gig ranking. You answered in negative, now I should start limit the orders in the queue again.

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Well, I set my order limit to 10 orders 2-3 months ago for my most popular Gig, I’m still to come off it…old clients keep me busy. I’m still not able to get time for an eye checkup.

I think this is wrong advice, what will affect your gig rankings is doing shoddy work, violating ToS or delaying orders.

Please take care of your health first. Wise man said that health is wealth.

Yeah, I know, trying to squeeze time on Mon/Tue.

I was just worried , so i thought it’s better to tell everybody about it…I’ve seen my views dropping in a day when i enabled the limiting orders in queue

Okay, i just did not know that sir ! Thanks

Thanks for your valuable tips. :slight_smile:

Wear computer glasses bro ! As i suggested in my previous post

Actually i was wrong buddy…i just found out…limiting orders in queue doesn’t affect your gig

Yeah, you made many great points there.