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UPDATE: CS HAS NO OBJECTION ON IT..Tip for avoiding wrong orders and cancellation in programming and tech


Hello community, Its been a long issue and debate that how to reduce cancellation on fiverr. One of the most spoken reason for this is buyers choice of ordering wrong gigs which eventually leads to cancellation. As some days ago a seller was telling that a buyer ordered on a story gig, demanding articles on that. I personally faced a situation where a buyer was demanding deliverance of project files before closure of order as he though i am already payed for the service. For catering all these scenarios i introduced three new requirements in my gig requirements section which is mandatory to be filled at the time of order.

  1. I seek assurance from the buyer that he/she has consulted me before order and knows exactly about the gig.
    This really helped me to stop naive buyers from ordering wrong stuff.
  2. I seek assurance from them that they know and have read TOR’s of the fiverr including all outside communication is prohibited
  3. (More close to my own gig) It seek assurance from the buyer that possession of files will be transferred upon completion of the project and requirements are fixed and will not be changed during project.

These three point really helped me i hope it also help others.

:exclamation: Now I can't dare to raise my starting prices :exploding_head:

Good ideas, but it’s impossible to stop buyers purchasing your gig without contacting you first, regardless of what you put in your requirements I’m afraid - Fiverr just isn’t set up to allow this. :slightly_smiling_face:

BTW - it’s delivery - ‘Deliverance’ was a fabulous film from 1972 with Burt Reynolds and Jon Voight. :wink:


Actually it forces the buyer to see things again. As requirements are mandatory to be filled at least it reminds a person again of his/her choice. :slight_smile:. "Something to slow down advancing enemy if cant be stoped " :slight_smile:


I fear you may be storing up trouble for yourself if you follow this route. You can ask potential buyers to contact you before ordering, but you can’t force them to do so. Have you asked CS about this? It might be helpful for you to get information about this from them before you start advising other sellers to do something similar? :sunny:


Yes, that is not against fiverr TOR’s.


There’s a lot of stuff which isn’t in the ToS but which is common sense.

I still think you should please check this out with CS before you advise other sellers to do the same, for your sake and theirs.


THanks for these ideas


As it was logical fiverr has no objection on it.


I don’t understand how having this in the requirements section helps at all?
If they have reached the requirements section then they have already purchased the gig and if they havent read the gig before then, and want to cancel it will still affect your rating.
How does this help reduce cancellations?


Let me explain you. I work in tech and programming category where communication and requirements are fundamental. Many users think that they can pause gigs and complete their requirements, some demand files during project as they think their money is already transferred to the seller and some wants to talk live on outside means. Once order is running and these things happens it not only create friction but also cancellation in middle. By putting these requirements buyer stops there and at-least bothers to consult their requirements which creates better working environment almost eliminates chances of mid project cancellation and friction.


Fair enough, whatever works for you.


I am not forcing anyone to adopt it just letting a work flow which significantly worked for me. As software development flow is significantly different in freelancing then companies so mostly people expect those flows and ways. In my category projects are mostly from $500 - $900 their mid level cancellation significantly hurts.


What if the buyer types A B C D in the requirements. What will you do then?


People who are ordering $500 projects are not as much non serious people.


Did you put those requirements for people who are ordering 500$ gigs or for every buyer? The fact is, Yes cs won’t object but not all buyer will read or even fulfill those requirements. Contacting you before ordering is not mandatory, even if you paint it red and make it shine. Assurance that someone has read the TOS is nothing because you have no way of making sure… Transferring possession of files after you complete the work is obvious, the only difference is that some people charge to transfer the files, some don’t and other don’t release the files at all, only the output but not the source.


I am not forcing anyone for follow the practice. People who work in tech area knows that there is a common practice which is called agile development perused by companies. Buyers usually come up with that expectations. And its actually not obvious as many demand to put things on their VPS. Coming towards the price usual price is $250 - $900. They are legitimate buyers with legitimate needs just have wrong perception which cause lot of friction once project starts. I hope this clears my point. I have experienced a situation when they ordered an integration and then didnt contacted for days. Conclusion is to reduce those factors which leads cancellation.


A bad buyer will end up cancellation what ever you do. The matter is not to lose a good buyer due to their shortage of awareness regarding system

How to Prevent a buyer ordering gig?

At least you’re sharing your ideas, which is a relief from reading the same ol’ mundane posts. I will not adopt this habit, but, maybe it will help others. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you. I am sharing an idea and which worked for me.


Awesome and for that you get a gold :star:!