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UPDATE: Issue Impressions, Clicks, Visibility

Hi All!

As many of you I have been affected by the Bug in impressions, clicks, and statistics.

I’ve been speaking with the Fiverr Support for the past two days about my problem and issue. I am a level 2 seller and I’ve been positioning on the first page when searching for months. After the problem, you cannot find me in any page of the marketplace.

The support answer was: ’We checked your Gigs and are all active. We do not guarantee any visibility in our marketplace. Try to sponsor your Gigs on social media’.

This makes me thinking about three things: (1) Fiverr is not a stable revenue stream for any freelancer and creates no opportunity to grow, the seller levels are useless since you have no visibility and bugs are not fixed, (2) Fiverr doesn’t care about its sellers but just about clients and it’s using the power of sellers to receive more traffic through your affiliate or social media connections, (3) why should I use Fiverr and leave 20% of commissions if I have to sponsor the Gigs by myself and there is no visibility increase? How’s it possible to be positioned first for months of hard working and lose complete visibility in one day?

Those are the updates, no caring as always, no information from a listed company. I am upset as well as other sellers, and if things will not change by the end of the month I’ve Informed them I’ll shut down my account and my 500+ client’s relations on this website.

There are better options out there if the conditions of this marketplace are the above ones.


Wow yeah it is becoming a problem. I hadn’t been on fiverr for a few months now and came back and noticed my gigs didn’t appear in search and only received 1 new message. Before I would be flooded with message even after being away for a bit. Now it’s just slow! and the stats aren’t even working smh

I see! Someone speaks about Gigs rotation, but for me makes no sense. Why Levels if they are useless? It’s very weird.

Totally! It’s beyond annoying

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Who said that that’s “an issue” and not how algorithm intend to work?