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**UPDATE Link to register added.** A very special webinar is coming

UPDATE: Here’s the link so you can attend the Live Webinar!

Save your spot

Hey everyone!

I am very excited to announce that I will be hosting Fiverr’s upcoming webinar about the latest updates in the Whiteboard and Animation category!

The event will take place on the 25th of February, and the official invites will start going out to all sellers that populate the Whiteboard and Animation vertical.

What will this event cover?

Well, the event will be split into 3 parts.

Setting expectations: I will go over how a gig can be optimized when it’s created with some marketing fundamentals in mind. The end goal is to guide prospects to understand what they will be getting via your gigs/packages and set some basic expectations that will help you when an order is placed.(basically my own personal recipe for all my Pro gigs)

Basics of communication and order management: This will be the main course, and will cover my entire process of onboarding clients and managing orders. I will be sharing exactly what I do, what I say to prospects and which Fiverr tools help me surprise and delight my clients.

Restructuring of the Whiteboard & Animated Explainers category This last part will be lead by Fiverr’s Jacky Guttmann and Eliana Sternbach, who will go over how to best utilize the new category meta-data to optimize your gigs and benefit from the re-structure!
(OK, maybe I will also chime in with a couple of tips!)

There will also be a Q&A where you can ask me, Jackie and Eliana anything!

Who is this event for?

This event is geared primarily towards sellers in the Whiteboard & Animation vertical.


The material about my process is not specific to video animators. The tips I will share and the examples I will present can be used from ANY seller regardless of niche, so that ANYONE can utilize them to up their game!

That’s all I can say for now. I am working overtime to make my deck as concise as possible, so there’s 0 fluff, which will allow us to spend more time interacting and answering questions!

Oh, one last thing:
I am preparing some digital goodies for all who will attend. Stuff that you can download, print or just save to your computer and use on a daily basis. :slight_smile:

Please feel free to ask any questions you have, and I will try to answer everything ASAP!

My only goal is to make sure we have great attendance, because this webinar will be jam-packed with value and actionable tips.

I strongly encourage sellers from any category to attend!

Thank you!


@atikartist56 If you are going to take part in Fiverr Forum discussion it is best to have some words in you post not only emojis. Too many emojis in a post will get the post removed. I know, it happened to me when I was a newbie to the Forum! :roll_eyes:


If I attend and I express my opinion how this change is catering those who are focusing on one thing but it is cutting down the versatile creators what answer would I get?

I already asked can my one GIG that covers all animation styles be included in all styles categories results, not just one.

I do not have enough gig to make for each individual style.

So far the only positive thing about this change is I got to see Frank with purple and blue BG instead of green.


Nice :+1: :heart: :+1: :heart:


I’m new so I don’t know about this, THANKS.


@atikartist56 I made the same mistake when I was new. Enjoy the Fiverr Forum and welcome!

@frank_d so even I could use some of the info in this webinar?



I think that is a valid concern and you should definitely try and attend as Jackie is the one who can help with how and why things are restructuring.

She can also provide valuable advice on how to pivot for this upcoming change, that is of course if you want to be in a position to leverage the new system and get clients that better match what you offer.

There may be a different POV for you that you are not seeing now.

Hope you liked my banner design. :slight_smile:


I don’t want to oversell it, but trust me when I say that me sharing my entire process on how to onboard clients and manage orders, is a big thing.

When it comes to sharing my process I won’t focus on the actual stages of production for animation. I will focus on the actual framework behind it and that applies to any craft.


I will defiantly attend the webinar.


Really you will attend


Wow, great @frank_d :heart_eyes:


anxiously waiting for this webinar


Really You Attend the webinar


I will defiantly attend the webinar.


Great news! waiting for the Webiner


Wow great! waiting for this webinar


Wow Great, Really You Attend the webinar


I’m sold already.

The only question is – how do I join? I’m sorry, but it’s the first Fiverr webinar that I’ll join, and I have no gigs in that specific category, so… I probably won’t get the official invite.


There will be an official link to register on Wednesday.

I will either update this post or create a new one with instructions on how to join.


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