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Update Required Error for gig

Yesterday, I made new gig on Fiverr but Facing triangle sign (update required).Due to it I think my gig also not display in the keywords I used in gig.
Any one can help me?

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What does the warning say exactly and can you share the details of the gig, it might give a clue to what needs to be changed?

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@wolfhowler Thanks for taking interest.Yesterday I made a gig on keyword research but unfortunately there is an error accured for update required I delete the gig and made new gig but still facing same problem.
Please Check my gig and tell me if any thing need to change.

Select right category according to your gig. It will not show the error again.

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@hassanrana00 can you explain what your mean?

I mean to say when you are creating a gig, category bar is showing below the tittle bar of your gig. Select most relevant sub-category according to the tittle of your gig.


@hassanrana00. Thanks for spending your time.
But I selected relevant according to my title bar.
Check my gig please If any other thing needs to improvement guide me.

@rizwansheikh749 Select Competitor Research Category.


You have to edit your gig category.

it quite simple to correct that just change the service type even if you think you choose the right category it have no effect to your order