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Update required warning



I updated 2 gigs and now they have a small triangle with an exclamation mark next to them… One has been there for over 2 days, what does this mean?

Thank you

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I think you need to change something in your gig. What you updated in your gigs?


it should mean that you need to update some thing in your gig.
I have this with one of my gig, could not figure it out what is wrong.
I just stop paying attention to these things now on fiverr, it most probably is category you choose or you did no chose

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You need to make some changes! There must be a dialog box when you will hover pointer over the mark! It will say what you need to change

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Hello! I have the same issue without any pointer :confused:
I have modified several things in the gig but still the warning sign…
Any tips please?


Mine disappeared only after I selected a “Service Type” from the Overview page. No other changes helped.


In my case I forgot to select the “Service Type”.


Service type was the problem for me as well. It must automatically clear the selection every time you update a gig.


I think you need to change something in your gig