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Update SEO Gig to keep selling on Fiverr

Fiverr send the message.
Today, June 21st is the last day to complete the following steps to update your Gig(s) to align with the new SEO subcategory structure:

  1. In Gig Edit, choose your new service type
  2. In Gig Edit, update your package(s) with the new pricing attributes
    Pro Tip: Using the new pricing attributes will increase your Gig’s visibility to buyers. That means more chances for you to sell!
    Note: To make these changes, you’ll probably need to adjust the scope of your service to fit the new SEO structure.
    I don’t understand this properly. I already update my SEO gig, But, I am confused this update is correct or not. Please help me, my gig is update properly or not.

I haven’t gotten this email yet. It seems they have made changes to their gig set up. So maybe you could just check each gig and edit and see if the layout is different.