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Update SEO Gigs

Fiverr has notified me to update my SEO gigs before 21st of June. Now I do not know what and where to change things in my gigs. Could someone please help me?


Here you go:


might be wondering;

can anyone explain more from title to gallery?:thinking:

You go to Selling and then click on Gigs. You should see all your gigs listed. Choose the gig that you want to edit. There is an arrow on the far right. When you click it, you will see Edit and you can click on the different sections you want to edit such as Overview, Pricing, Description and FAQ, Requirements and Gallery. Remember to SAVE each section that you edit.

As for SEO, make sure you are using the KEYWORDS of your service throughout your gig. Use the KEYWORDS in your GIG TITLE, DESCRIPTION (type your keyword at least 3 times throughout the description) and GIG IMAGE (save your image with all your keywords)