Update: Suspicious Messages


Hey guys,

Just a heads up, yesterday customer support blocked some spammers and added protection filters, however, since they can always try again make sure you do not share your password with anyone in the Fiverr network or outside the network. Once you are logged into Fiverr you should not get messages asking you to log in.

If you spot any user attempting to redirect you off of Fiverr to these phony links. Report it immediately to customer support.


Reply to @studioxcaramel: Contact customer support about this please, they’ll be able to answer your questions about this.


ive contacted them already but i still got no reply from them i understand that theyre busy and such but buyers orders deadline is quickly catching up (i only made a 3 day deadline for my gigs) i do hope they reply before my gig deadline is up…

i haavent done anything bad in this i even put up my real name and picture…

um can i ask you ms.natalieab youre an admin right?..is there a way i can still recover my account?..i dont really care if my collected gig revenues is gone what i really want is to finish those orders that was sent to me…

please understand my name and credibility as a person is on the line here…


Yeah I got caught with one of those mails to my fiverr inbox the other night, looked like it was from another fiverr user and asking me check out another gig link because they wanted me to do a similar gig and I stupidly clicked on it and logged in, I had afew different tabs opened at the time. My account was closed as a security precaution and I was very lucky I was able to prove I’m the real fiverr owner and I just got back in, lost my level 1 while my account was off line as well. Be really careful I’m sure the spammers are thinking up new ways to con people.


Flip thats abit close to the bone @madmoo, yeah I guess I’m lucky then my money was stolen or they didn’t get as close as they nearly got to your paypal funds.

Same here I was trying to finish an order and upload a video and had 2 fiverr tabs opened and had been getting afew emails from buyers so didn’t think anything of it. I’m on my guard now. Only that I read the forum regularly I still wouldn’t have realised it was a con. Good to get the word out on here, save other people from it.


Reading this I am thinking about some activity that had to be scammers/spammers. This is so pathetic and frustrating, people are always out to destroy and steal.

Thank you all for making me more aware.


Looks like everyone else had to verify the withdrawal: I didn’t. I simply got an email:

“Fiverr: Your withdrawal was successful!”

"Hey intrepidvideo,

Great news! your $*** revenues were sent to your PayPal account.

Please be patient as funds may take up to a few days to appear in your PayPal balance.


The Fiverr Team"

Whoop - there goes ALL of my funds. Is there a way to get it back or should I just give up?


A Level 1 seller tried to steal from me using this method - and failed. Reported to CS using the “Report” link. Should I also send a message to Customer Support?


Reply to @intrepidvideo: Whenever you withdraw you should always get a confirmation link. You didn’t get one at all ?


Reply to @garavogue: If your level 1 is gone because of the hack, drop a ticket the customer support and ask for it back they might be able to help restore it and your gig extras


Reply to @ozzieuk: That’s the thing, I didn’t. Is the confirmation link supposed to be sent to my email or my paypal account? I don’t understand how it can be so easy to withdraw money from someones account.

My paypal and email password is different than my fiverr one, so it couldn’t of been that easy for them. Anyway still waiting for CS to respond.


Yep I had the same problem. Literally feel like crying right now. So yes, I get the same message and the same link as you guys (and click it because I’d pretty naive and really don’t know much about phishing; I just stupidly assumed that Fiverr’s security would block any malicious links). So I was on my ipad, and when asked to log back in I did without questioning (this sometimes does happen on my ipad). So then I get an email a few hours later about linking my hotmail account to another (a french one) I naturally decline the request, check my email settings etc and make sure it’s all fine. Then today, literally about 30 minutes ago, I try and log into Fiverr. Password doesn’t work. Try changing my password. My email is no longer recognised. Then my partner gets an email (we use her paypal account but haven’t activated it with customer support yet) saying change of associated PayPal account. I try and get on to Fiverr and obviously reject the request but it wont let me sign in. I’ve had to create a new account to post on here (my username is shb2192), and have contacted customer support but really don’t know what to do now. I’m hoping that because the paypal account I linked to my account is my partners (she has a different email address) that they wont be able to withdraw the funds. Any help/suggestions?


Reply to @sandsservices: Same exact thing happened to me. Click “Forgot password? get a new one here” It sent me an email “Fiverr: Password Assistance” and the link it sent didn’t work it said "We’re sorry, but we could not locate your account.“

So I clicked C"Forgot password? get a new one here” and finally the link worked. Just try a few times. Still though I haven’t got my money back, not sure if I will.



My friend clicked the phishing link and tried to log in. Now he can’t log in to his fiverr account. It says : This account was disabled.

Can he still recover his account?


Reply to @intrepidvideo: Ah this is so annoying. Tried a few more times, it’s coming up with ‘The email address you entered could not be found’ so they’ve obviously managed to change my email address. I’m just hoping because the paypal account which is linked to my account is from another email address they wont be able to withdraw all my money. I hope you get your money back though!


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yo studiocaramel here i was a victim of the wide spread phishing event…i cant access my account right now which is “studiocaramel” i think vedmak right here knows that account…im really frustrated really but what i want now is to finish those queued 5 or more i think orders to me i only have 3 days in completing an order and i dont want to be late is there any way i can access my account again?..i really hope this widespread phishing event would be resolved right away…and for those people who recieved messages from my “studiocaramel” account giving out phishing links please its not me and please dont click it.

if theres any people who ordered from “studiocaramel” here please refer to my post here http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/7586/my-fiverr-gig-report#Item_20 dont worry this link is not a phishing one its a forum link to my post…

anyway i hope an admin here can answer my question whether if i can still access my account or not?

thanks much!


Yes I’m worried about my customers too. Got an order that needs to be submitted by tomorrow morning to a repeat customer and I’d be pretty devastated if I couldn’t do it for her. Another 2 due for next week too. I’m also worried about the money, they were holiday savings and if I can’t get to them then I might not be able to go away, which really does suck. Customer support must be really bogged down right now. I have sent a ticket too, best thing we can go is wait and hope for the best!


yeah youre right…it all boils down to waiting and hoping…


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: absolutely agree both for 2-step verification and for warn leaving Fiverr site clicking on a link!!! A must have nowadays!!!