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Update to Buyer Request - Add Gig Extras and Gig Quantity and more

The new updated enables sellers to add extras and multiples when offering their Gig (until today it was only available on the mobile app).

When the seller clicks the “submit offer” button in “Buyer Request” page, a popup will display in which they’ll get to choose which Gig to offer.

Once selected, sellers will get to update the Gig extras, Gig quantity, and on the bottom of the popup, leave a personal message to the potential buyer.

We’re also allowing sellers to offer Gigs in the same category as the request, and not just the same subcategory. See below for some screenshots of the flow.

Here’s a quick guide on how to submit an offer to buyer requests:

Nice update!

Thanks Fiverr. I really like this new update :">

I like this update because of the ability of writing a short message. If you can mention your pricing or say just to contact you before ordering that would save you from doing work for cheap!

And I assume most of the buyers don’t say the full workload in a Request Gig, so they often contact me and ask questions before buying :slight_smile:

Having the option for long messages and communication with the buyer is just perfect. This new update will mess around our business a lot. I have clients with enormous briefs or some of them have so many question before they order. So i am totally agreed with swerkl. Few times i had clients trying to add extra work after they pay for gig. Sure we can control that. With this new system we can be easily put off and left in situation doing jobs almost for free or far less than the actual cost.

One thing is sure, Fiverr still take commission, buyer go happy because he save money and seller is lost time and money.

So where is the excitement in this???

Thanks Fiverr. I really like this new update!!!

Thanks Fiverr. Great idea!

The only problem I see with the new feature is if a buyer is vague about what they want. For instance, a buyer is looking for a testimonial. Period. I charge by the number of words, extras for locations or HD or… you get the point. I submit an offer to the buyer for one gig and they can then order a basic gig with 5 minutes of video?

Since most requester’s don’t give specifications of what they want up front, I liked the old system where they contacted you with additional information so that the two of you could work out a possible order based on their specific needs.

I think this needs to be revamped IMHO!

Thanks, Fiverr!!

I do think this system has it’s ups and downs. 220 characters might not be enough to explain to a potential customer who was vague in their initial request. This is why generatecashbiz is correct his assessment.

The upside is that I AM able to send a personal message, perhaps saying something like: "Here is my gig you would buy to fulfill your request. Please look through it and confirm with me before purchasing."

This is a definitely a case of 2 steps forward, may be 1 step back. Hey… I’ll take it :slight_smile:

Very nice additions! Thanks Fiverr!

Thanks fiverr. For me i think it is perfect. The only thing that was missing in this section was to introduce yourself to the buyer. Adding this feature will no doubt boost chances of getting that order

Right. I will speak as a seller.

You send the buyer a quote for a certain amount of workservices. You base the quote on nothing but a supershort description of a few words. Like ‘I want the best video in the world for my dad’. Or ‘I want a website for my medical marijuana automats’.

Then - already in the paid order - the buyer explains his requirements at length and you understand that in fact the job costs twice the amount you at first quoted. But the buyer is indignant, because he paid for the quote and expects you to fulfil your promises. If you don’t - he cancels and is unhappy with you, although he would have been perfectly ok with paying more, had he been told so in advance. So the problem is not the cost, but the fact that the seller seemingly ‘misled’ the buyer.

As a buyer I’d be irate too if someone told me: your job is $100, and I clap in joy and pay and then the same guy tells me: well, actually it’s 250 now. No way.

This new system of ‘quote an amount on a project you have no clue about’ is paved with misunderstandings between the buyers and the sellers.

The buyer and the seller need at least 2-3 back-n-forth messages before purchase, so that they can discuss the project and determine the right cost.

Thanks for these updates, Fiverr. It’s getting better all the time!

Reply to @swerkl: Be careful quoting people on projects you don’t know enough about. This is an important lesson for any freelancer, right?

For the services I provide these changes are somewhat helpful. The ability to pick a subcategory to respond with is excellent. New buyers frequently use the wrong subcategory to make requests. What is not helpful is twofold. To send the message I have to give a price quote. My services are completely custom. When someone requests “I need a jingle”, how can I accurately quote without knowing the buyer’s requirements? Or if I can even fulfill those requirements. Which leads to the second problem. It takes half the 220 allowed characters to explain that the $5 offer I make just to send the message is not valid. It makes me look like an amateur. How do buyers know that I’m doing this because of the site design? They don’t. Bottom line is that Fiverr wants to increase revenue by offering services of increased value to buyers. So do I. I help by providing these services. Fiverr should understand that higher gig values mean increased client communication. Who would commit to spending larger dollars without proper consultation. For me the solution is get rid of the need to quote a price, and allow at least double the characters that I’ll effectively use to explain how I can help a client and initiate a pro business relationship. Thanks! Blaine Selkirk, the GoPageGuy. PS: Fiverr used to have this, but they stopped it 12/2013

Reply to @idansimpson: The new system does not allow us to consult with buyers before quoting. My services are entirely custom. I spend half the 220 characters explaining why the $5 quote is invalid. Not very pro if you’re a client. swerkl has articulated the problem perfectly.

Thank you guys. I really like this new update!!!

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I’ve recently posted a few requests and while 2 of them are perfect i feel that i haven’t provided all the info i needed to in one. How can i update the post, before giving the work to anyone, so everyone is clear on the work?