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Updated delivery date not being interpolated

The message about an updated delivery date/time is displaying, but the date/time is not being fully interpolated. Since the date is appearing after the message, I would think that any automated tests would not pick up that the interpolation placeholder is also being rendered.


It’s a bug. Go by the date and time within the order page itself.

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so many bugs :frowning: any update on when they are getting all this fixed? sometimes my clients get stuck with payment process and I end up losing client lol

No clue. Fiverr almost never preannounces updates.

True :frowning: have you got any info that if the promoted gigs feature is actually bugged or is it just how fiverr is going to work now? I saw hundreds of sellers complaining about me including me

That’s a different topic. It’s against the forum rules to go off topic in someone else’s thread. That said, here: Welcome to "Fiverr 3.0"!