Updated/Edited GIG with old URL


Dear Experts,

Please suggest me if I update a well reviewed gig from one category to another category will that effect on the search result or anything else?

For example I have a gig on graphic design with 2,3 well reviews then I updated that to web development gig. The title and other stuffs of that gig will change but the gig URL will be the same as it was before such as https://www.fiverr.com/username/graphic-design-gig

What will be the impact of that change on my updated gig with that old URL?

Hope I could make you understand :slight_smile:



i think it is unethical way…


You can change gig title and descriptions. But shouldn’t change any tags. Otherwise, your gig will not get responses as it used to. Changing categories is unethical.


I think, there is no benefit for changing category technically. As you think, your gig has few reviews and changing the category will give your gig rank little bit up, But I don’t think editorial team will make it because your permanent url is for one category al ready.

Also, you may discuss this issue with Support Center, hope you will get exact answers from them. :slight_smile:


You can change the title, category etc. anything you want.

Of course it will have an impact in your rankings because you’re changing from one type of gig to another.

When you’ve got as few gigs as you have, I’d just add new ones until you’re happy with their performance. It’s when you get to the stage of having all your allowed gigs up perhaps you need to think about reusing them.

Can’t see why it would be seen as unethical?


Because buyers would think that he had received good reviews for a certain category, when he had received them for something completely different.

It would be misleading at best.


I can see your point, but the reviews (presumably positive otherwise they wouldn’t be worth keeping) are still for them as a seller and their services.

Can’t see the point of doing this anyway until all allowed gigs are used up.


The point is to make people think that others have used his service B and were satisfied.


observing various opinions but I will try to keep the change somewhat related so that someone not get mislead :slight_smile: Such as “I will configure woo-commerce” updated as “I will configure WordPress”, I guess this type of update will not misguide someone as well as stay in the search result.

What do you think??


Fair dos - I can see where you’re coming from.


That sounds like a good compromise!


may be for this time being but if needed will change in future :slight_smile: Anyways thank you so much for supporting me :slight_smile: