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Updated emails address on profile, but now not receiving ANY fiverr emails!

Hi guys,

So I updated the email address on my fiverr profile today from: to, I then tried to withdraw funds from my account, but I didn’t receive any verification email from Fiverr!, I then realised that maybe it was because the was still linked to my paypal account, so I went to and changed the email address to there also.

After this i tried again to withdraw funds from fiverr, but still i have not received an email, I have even tried to update the paypal email fiverr has on my profile, but still no emails are coming into the updated email address of:,

I have even checked the junk mail for ilovenailsuk, but nothing has been received from fiverr at all and I’ve been receiving emails from everyone else today just fine.

Please could someone help, as it means i wont be able to withdraw funds, receive emails about new buyer orders etc until this is sorted - though I just realised if anyone answers this post, i wont see the notification email about it! damn! lol anyway any help would be appreciated