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Updated Gig extra doesn't change on profile page

Just a weird bug or delayed response time, but I had a gig extra that kind of stopped selling effectively so I switched it out with another extra that I was getting a lot of inquiries about but yet it still displays my old extra in the “top seller” area of my profile page even though that extra isn’t my top seller and hasn’t been for a while in regards to that particular extra.

It takes the very first extra you have listed and uses that one to give the “top seller” shown on your profile page. So you can rearrange your extras to have the one you prefer to show on the top of the list, or uncheck the extra you don’t want displayed.

Well i’m just saying for nearly a week it wasn’t functioning right but it finally caught up with itself, so that’s good. I would think we should get to pick our top seller considering I know for a fact that the extra and gig it was highlighting was not my top seller although lately I have had a pretty big influx of orders on that gig so it probably is now at least in volume.

Yes the site picks the gig that is your top seller.
Put the extra you want at the top of the list of extras to use that one to go with the gig.

Up until recently I was able to tell customer support which gig I wanted to be my top seller but they stopped doing that unfortunately.

Yeah, I would rather personally pick the ones I get the most extras ordered on cost-wise, not the gig that sells in the biggest volume. I’ll sort it out in a bit. Most people don’t even land on my profile page for that gig though so it doesn’t really matter to me at the moment, it just kinda’ bugged me how it kept displaying outdated or incorrect information.

I had problems with Gig descriptions ‘reverting’ and images disappearing, now messages are missing - it almost looks like the database for the site is corrupted.

Hopefully nothing too serious. I would hate for them to have the website crash and end up having to talk to CS about funds not displaying right.