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[Updated: June 4] A 5r Story, Meet the Characters: "Girls Next Door"


Part I: Meet the Characters: the Sheriffs or the Mod Team
Part II: See Below (Part II: Meet the Characters: the Coventry Siblings)

The continuing saga of the 5r Story. I figured you all might want to meet the characters of my 5r, completely fictional, made up, unrelated to anyone you know.

Any similarities to real people are purely coincidental, after all, there are several billion people on this planet - who knows how many there are on Planet 5r.

Let’s start with the unpaid sheriffs of Planet 5r:

Owen: A dog trainer by day, the sheriff of 5r at night. Don’t let those lovable and adorable puppies fool you. To be continued in the next chapter of the 5r story.

Laddie: An animal lover, she owns her own farm where she raises all sorts of animals but horses are her first love. She is also a volunteer sheriff as she loves to ride high up on her horse to see troubles from far, far away . . .

Annabel: A talented radio personality with multiple voices, where she can imitate any character real or made up. She has written many scripts for plays with her talent. She will promptly, and without any mercy, call out anyone trying to fake their way through her beloved and peaceful 5r district. Watch out for Annabel - :eye:

Tomorrow, meet the Coventry sisters: Krystal, Ginny, Venus (AKA: Triple 7) and their one and only brother, Andrew (+ his chihuahua)

There are many characters on Planet 5r, I hope you can keep up when I introduce 17 others! :slight_smile: including “Numbers” and his twin brother “Ryder”

Note: I ask that none of the illustrations above, or any below that will be posted in the future, be downloaded, copied or distributed for commercial use. Feel free to use it on the 5r forum ONLY. Thank you/

Our Sweet Gina and her 5r Planet story

***** Outstanding Experience. Will definitely read more from this Fiverr Forum Writer.


Outstanding Experience




I love a good story with my morning coffee!


Love to read this post.


It doesn’t get better than this! :relaxed:


Too cute Gina. I am wondering who the very talented artist is :wink:

Can’t wait to see the others :blush:


love it .waiting for next post
thank you very much


Now that we know the characters I can finally fall asleep!

:bulb: Joe


Still wondering which of the three I should “crush” more. How did you manage to make them look so good? :smiling_imp:

Sorry everyone, I forgot Owen is a guy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Now Ginna, show us ya face


What’s that mean? It would not be a challenge!

A crush is a crush regardless :wink:


I should explain why it “might” be a challenge but I’ll probably just reveal the hidden, mistaken, coincidental resemblances.

Oh, and whomever I crush the greatest is usually the first to go (don’t ask me where) :smile_cat:


I have a secret weapon called, wait for it, wait for it, called: 5r Seller!

Shhh! Don’t tell anyone. It’s between you, me and the million 5r forum readers! :smiley:


Well. to be honest Annabel does not look like our Anna, that’s the only criticism…so I change my feedback to “4.4 stars”.


very awesome :grinning:


Whose Anna and why would Annabel look anything like her? :confused:

All my characters are completely made up and totally unique.

Are you writer99025 or his identical :imp: twin posing as writer99025?


Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidence.


Oh darn~~…can I bribe you with a cup of tea, could you bump the rating up to oh, I don’t know, maybe 4.7? Pretty pleeeeeeaaaaaase??? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :tea:


If you are the artist, I rate it 10 stars out of 5 :grin: