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Updated Level Badge is not Showing


I have recently promoted to level 2 seller but on my android mobile app its showing level 1 besides my profile picture. On my profile page there is mentioned level 2 in text and also on web interface. Whats the issue is this?



On my computer I see your level 2 badge. Congratulations!


Congrats. Best wishes for you​:grinning::grinning::grinning:


Yes I know, on website its showing but I am talking about the android app.


I believe I have read on the Forum that it does not show on the phone app. I know on my iPhone it does not. :thinking:


Thats the problem…


Congrats For Promoted Level 2 seller:smile:


You can do that on a phone? :thinking:


He’s referring to the app, though.


Don’t worry, It will be updated in the Anroid app 2-3 days later. If it is not updated then you can contact CS (customer support). Maybe they’ll help you, of course :smiley:

By the way, Congratulations for promoted as Level 2 seller :heart_eyes:


You can see the number “2” beside your profile picture