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Updated my Gig (Thoughts/Suggestions Appreciated)

This is an update to my Original Thread:. I appreciated all the feedback to those that looked at my listing and gave me advice.

For those who didn’t see my first thread (link above), I am new to this platform and am trying to build up a base of customers (reason for cheaper price).

As far as the listing itself is concerned, I was told to update my thumbnail image to a better quality picture with a before/after included and to change my description (so that it would be more specific).

Also would a video of myself in my gig listing make me appear more trustworthy and would it help me rank higher?

I have made changes and would like to ask anyone who replied to my original thread or anyone else to feel free to make more suggestions. I feel this is the only way that I will get better here. Thanks!

Link to my gig profile: My Gig Listing


Hey i took a look at your gig, i think you should include your experrience in the field and add some examples of pics you’ve worked on. Something like " i have been remodeling pics for the last 5 years" does not have to be exact, you can fancy it up