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Updated My Gig - Would Like Feedback

Last time, people advised me to make a video for my gig and I did. I wonder if there’s anything else I should add or update.

Thank you for your time. :slight_smile:


I’m not sure it needs so much highlighting, ie. all the services section.


Really cool video! It explains your service well.

Ok, so you want advice? Let me think…

Underneath your “services” section, you could choose to highlight only the package names rather than all of the text. I think doing that would make your Gig easier to scan. A buyer could find out very quickly what they’ll get for their money.

In your Gig text you could also talk a bit about your experience. All you’ve really said on that matter is you have a passion for computers. So do I, but I couldn’t be trusted to fix one. :smiley:


@uk1000 @ahmwritingco

Thank you for the wonderful advice. I’ve updated the highlighting.

I will work on a short blurb that elaborates more on my experience. My gig description is already almost at capacity, so perhaps I can add that into the FAQ section or my personal description. :slight_smile:


I really like how your gig is based around the outcome one achieves with your services. That’s great marketing and sets you apart from a lot of sellers here who tend to just say they do a task.

I would suggest putting some measurable results there. People find objective evidence really compelling and it tends to be what tips someone into purchasing. For example, you could briefly a describe a scenario and then share how much faster the computer could be in that scenario. You could say all this in a couple of lines.


Hi, @humanissocial

Thank you for the wonderful compliment and feedback.

I’ve been trying to avoid using hard numbers, even as examples, just because maximum speed is so reliant on multiple factors. As an example, a quad-core computer with 16gb of RAM, an installed graphics card with dedicated memory, and an SSD will have a much higher speed threshold than a dual-core computer with 2gb of RAM, integrated graphics, and an HDD.

I don’t want to give people unrealistic expectations about how much faster their computer will run because the latter will never be as quick as the former.

[Edited to add:] I ended up adding this explanation to my FAQ. Hopefully, it helps. :smiley:


I’ll be sure to check out all of your updates when you’re done.

Would percentages work, rather than exact figures?

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Thank you for the awesome question. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, percentages wouldn’t work either. Try to think of it as being the difference between cable internet and dial-up. They’re both ways of connecting you to the internet. Both can have their speed improved, but at the end of the day, they are simply not comparable because they are different methods with different hardware and different limitations.

Same with a screwdriver vs a drill. Different hardware, different method, different speed thresholds. They do a similar job, but aren’t comparable. Doing something special with your hands might make the screwdriver move quicker, but would that be a higher percentage than the speed increase you get when you, say, replace the battery in your drill?

Two wildly different computers will still perform the same tasks when you load up Windows, however, their capability to do so may not be comparable due to their hardware so percentages will do one of two things: they will either set someone’s expectation too high or too low.

Neither outcome would be desirable in this case.


This would be a good reason to change the title of your Gig, that does not necessarily makes a computer run faster, rather correctly: you offer analysis of issues, clean up, fixing. A small example: if you delete the prefetch files (while cleaning), programs will start a bit slower the first time.



The reason I titled it that way, aside from the search ranking factor, is that lag does actually slow your computer down due to the CPU being bogged down with extra, unnecessary processes, driver issues, etc. When your computer is freezing, that’s time you’ve lost.

The question here isn’t whether I can make your computer run faster. I can.

The question is in relation to how much faster and how much faster is determined by each individual machine’s limitations.

I see, just take into account that some buyers have no technical background and could not get your reasoning.


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I understand. I’ve been trying to avoid being overly technical in my explanations, but I’m not sure how well I’m doing. Haha.

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It’s really unfortunate that Fiverr provides no programs that could help buyers make decisions while also help you demonstrate your value.

If you could have a quiz with conditional logic (One response leads to the next question associated with it) or something like that, it would be a huge help in demonstrating value tailored to the many variables that play a role in determining value.

It’s really frustrating that we don’t have anything that is standard in sales as a service, like lead magnets. It prevents people from identifying suitability and relies on them knowing what they need and what is a good fit for them before they purchase. Yes, it’s a marketplace, but we’re selling services, so the needs are different than just static products.



I couldn’t agree more. Oh well. I’ll just need to wait until someone wants me to demonstrate my value to them. :woman_shrugging:

Maybe once I have a few more reviews, people will start coming to me for consulting more often. :slight_smile:

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What you could do is list multiple specs of machines you run your fixes on and how the speed of things improved after your fixes, based on one or more standard bench-marking apps. eg. it could show how much the score of the benchmark increased after the test or how much the time to run the test reduced. The buyer could look at the results that were closest to the type of machine they have and the type of benchmark that was most like what they mostly use their machine for (if multiple benchmark results are given). Though I’m not sure if buyers would want 1 or more benchmarking apps run before and after buying and maybe you’d need permission for that and maybe to use the scores.

But you could also/instead run it on 2 or 3 differently spec’d machines you own/have access to just to give a rough idea of the potential improvement for any buyers. 2-3 (though more if you could) could give bit of variety so the user could pick the closest to theirs.


Benchmarking, yes! She could give a hypothetical. It doesn’t have to represent all scenarios in order to articulate value and a return on investment.


Unfortunately, there are just too many variables.

I think I will take the feedback to remake/retitle my gig to “I will fix computer issues” or similar.


I’ve updated the link. :slight_smile:

I want to thank you all for the time and good will you’ve given to me.

If you have more feedback, I welcome it.