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Updated my Gigs for better and they disappeared from search results

Hello friends,

Fiverr often tells us(sellers) to keep updating our gigs for better. So last week I updated two my of top performing gigs(as below) for better.


This gig was on 1st page and mostly in 1st or second column in search result for keyword “motivational quotes”. Gig has best reviews and has no problem as such that can be reason. But after I updated gig description and packages text for better, it has simply vanished from search results. I simply fail to understand that then why Fiverr advises us to keep updating our gigs if it makes the top-performing gig disappear from search result, that too from 1st page and 1st or 2nd column! It’s disaster and affects business totally.


This gig was on 1st page of search result for keyword “dog quotes”. Again, after updating gig description for better, it has vanished from 1st page and from search results totally!

I’ve reached out to Fiverr Customer Support but so far have received generalized reply saying that Fiverr algorithm decides gig placement and other factors like gig performance, sellers on vacation, inactive gigs etc… which I understand very well and none of this applies to my gigs… in fact, it’s just reverse… my gigs are totally active and I’ve never been on vacation mode recently, gigs are getting high ratings and reviews!!

When your best performing gigs are removed from search results and that too from top search results without specific and visible reasons, you feel like you’re going out of business when it’s not even your fault! I love Fiverr and I really wish that I get some real help here.

Thank you.

P.S.: This has been sorted out with the help of Fiverr Customer Support. Thank you.