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Fiverr had updated the SALES ANALYTICS dashboard. They had merged various elements from the revenue page, graphs from the my gigs page, some videos for upselling, a rating tab and many more stuffs.

Here’s what are now shown -

  1. Revenue details
  2. A graphical view of the total earnings, cancelled, completed and new orders.
  3. Some sales analytics of the last 30 days.
  4. Performance
  5. A section on Cancellations.
  6. Ratings.
  7. The historial chart of your promotion.
  8. World domination

What are your opinions on this?

  • It’s amazing
  • It’s good
  • Neutral
  • Not so bad
  • It’s bad
  • I don’t know :open_mouth:

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Any one noticed a new update of fiverr for Analytics page?
New Analytics Dashboard :) [ARCHIVED]

Not just now, it was a few days ago. Right now, my shiny new updated analytics page doesn’t show at all.


Never had the new version, so I don’t know.


I was on that page just a few moments ago and when I reponed that, I noticed the new update. Btw you might be one of the BETA testers…(?) :grin:


A Beta tester who can’t test because it’s not showing… :smile_cat:

The page is all right, I guess (at least when it’s working). It does give more info than the old one.


I went to and from that page 5-6 times now and it is working fine for me though… :smile_cat:


I went to mine, still not working. Some get the new page, some lose it. :smile_cat:


I don´t have the new page but I only care about my world domination anyway :wink: and I got that map already, so if that map will still be there, I´ll pick ‘Amazing’…if I ever get things like the new analytics, among other new shinies.


This is how it looks -
Btw I didn’t like the decision of removing the interface where the regions were coloured on a dark to light scale basing on the density of the buyers from those regions. (Though everything else is same expect the colour is changed to grey)


I don’t like the performance stats. Too simplistic, therefore not statistically accurate. It’s simply comparing with the overall % for the category. It seems I now have to raise a call with CS to fix the response rate though if it’s going to show up there and tell me I’m being a naughty girl.

I’m not keen on the line that shows no progress whatsoever towards being a TRS! :slight_smile:


i have an idea to change:grin: the view to geo location
but it will take a lot TXT writing and HTML with CSS mashup

what to say LOL


What I wanted was something proportional to the number of sales actually. For example I was late with an order recently because the buyer had a slow response turnaround. He was nice so I didn’t want to cancel just to meet the deadline. But because I limit my orders at any one time, my 1 late delivery doesn’t look good % wise. If someone else has 100 deliveries but is late on 5 of them, I think that’s worse. Maybe it’s not. Maybe I’m just being sensitive.


@capitalquality yes exactly and more like google maps so we can GEO track our sellers
it will help us to target specific products at specific places


Another metrics could be useful for gig analysis is how many times you had to extend a delivery deadline.

I had to do 2 for the first time ever.
Now I wonder DOES THAT have an affect on my gig placement? :thinking:


Interesting question. As with all such interesting questions re: gig placement:




I love it— it shows the relationship of cancellations to our sales and income. I can see a correlation to the two on that. Based on that graph yes there obviously is a direct relationship, meaning they change our placements.

It still isn’t fair that I had two large orders cancelled due to the buyer mistakenly buying 3 duplicates and cancelling two of them.

Why that should affect my income and where my gigs show does not make a whole lot of sense.
After that happened sales and income tanked.


I miss seeing the total earnings for the month being tallied as it comes in, in one easy to read figure, so I can see how I’m doing day by day. They should have left that.

edit: I see it is still there


Isn’t that number still on our Dashboard? While it may be nice to see it both places, I think it’s still easy to see.


Nope :sunglasses: :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses: