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UPDATED Sort option in INBOX doesn't work as expected

Dear Fiverr,

I have noticed that UPDATED sort option in inbox doesn’t work as expected.

It sorts alphabetically, but here this sort is not expected, instead time sorting is expected.

I get April messages before March messages, and then below March I get May messages…

It should be




Please check the attached image for more details.

Please fix this because it will make big difference and right now is really annoying.

Thank you in advance.

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Yikes, that’s not good! Unfortunately, nobody on this forum is going to be able to fix the problem for you. Contact customer support directly for them to fix it, although problems like this usually clear up on their own before support gets involved. Hope you get it resolved soon!

But I see “bugs” section. I assume that some administrator from Fiverr should read this and forward it to their development team :slight_smile:

Hm, alliemadison12 was right? :slight_smile:

I have to Contact customer support as it seems like they will not check the forum soon :slight_smile:

@alliemadison12: Thank you for your advice.

Just to keep this post up to date in case someone else has the same issue.

After creating support ticket, I got response that Fiverr development team will work on this and it should be fixed very soon.

I will post one more update when they send me notification that it is completed.