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[Updated] Traffic Services out from fiverr search but fake seo not

If you are selling the traffic services. Your services will be out from fiverr search. I don’t know why fiverr editors are doing such a rude behavior with me.

Support Reply-
Our Editorial team is always looking and reviewing gigs and the gigs you are offering are no longer in our Editorial’s focus and guidelines, this is why they have removed them from our search. Again, they are still active and can be purchased by any user who visits your profile, by they will not be restored into our search. You’re more than welcome to submit new gigs via your Fiverr account and continue to offer new and unique services for future evaluations by our editorial team.

My reply-
I know your editorial team always working good. I am not asking to make my service featured. I am just to allow my service in fiverr search.

I have got 1000$ sales in this month, even my rating is not low. If my rating is low than you can ask me to offer the new service or good quality service. I did not get any new order from any new buyer in last 24hours. Buyer are interesting in my services.

Seller who earn 1k$ in this month , his services dislike becuase editorial team did not like.Every person have their own way to see the services. Some people like Taj Mahal and some people not. Hope you may understand what i mean?

This is totally unfare. I am again asking to reconsiderate my gigs.

Fiverr Support is not reply yet.

A lot of people are selling fake traffic and SEO gigs. Google and Facebook are subsequently coming down hard on Fiverr due to the fact that an increasing amount of all junk bot traffic and useless backlinks are originating from sellers here on this platform. In this case, Fiverr is probably attempting to avert another Amazon review like media catastrophe.

In your case, you have some excellent reviews. In this case, why not sell something else like an SEO report or writing service and add your backlinks and traffic services on as gig extras?

Good answer. Fiverr has had complaints from sites about these gigs and will listen to them. I agree that a change to SEO reports is a good move.

May i know the website who report to you. They report for spam links not for traffic. If a buyer is having problem with traffic, buyer have to contact the seller and ask him/her to stop it.

Selling Seo report is useless. There are a lot of free software of seo reports are available. I can say truth. In 5$, no one can increase google rank. But in fiverr 99% buyer at 5$ only. I have bring my website PR3 in 90days after working 16-20hours a day. Its a 4years ago. I can do the same for other but the buyer is not agreed to pay 150-500$ per month. Therefore i don’t think seo work is possible here. When a buyer want spam links, seller is helpless. If seller told the truth , no buyer will buy.

When i don’t know seo, i have buy the seo backlinks from here and my website have been banned from aksimet. And now i know almost everything like traffic, seo , networking. I can see , top sellers are selling the fake seo services.

If fiverr hire me as editor. I will through all spam services in 1month , all spam and fake services.

I’m afraid that I was only speculating on the reason why the editorial focus might have shifted, I do think it is a good/reasonable one though. In either case, I would find it highly unlikely that you would be able to get Fiverr to shift their editorial focus back in your favor. All you can do is find a way to adapt.

As for the SEO reports idea, this was just an idea. I used to sell these as an add-on service but felt bad because I was able to get them for free by myself.

In either case, if you bought an annual subscription to a premium SEO report service you would very easily be able to provide these + (if you use the right company) an SEO backlink checker report. Since you have the reviews, you could easily become one of the top-selling SEO gigs on Fiverr, you will just need to invest a little first.

  • All that’s only my advice/opinion mind you.

I have check it out but I am not happy becuase the top level sellers service are not out from fiverr search. It looks like racist behavior with me. I am going to complain the some top levels sellers report to fiverr support. If they did not take the action , it looks like a racist behavior nothing else. Well thanks for the seo.

You could focus on taking others that break third party terms down with you, or you could focus on coming up with new gigs that do not break any terms. Its just a question of what matters more to you.

Its always going with level 1, level 2 sellers. If i remember approx. 2years ago, some one in this forum only blame that top level services will be not take down. Its called cheating nothing else.

Some one have to move forward and stop spam services. And i am doing that. If you really want to help fiverr, report spam/fake services.

Finally fiverr is doing something against this kind of fake “services”!

I have complain the some services of top sellers. If there services will not take down. It means they are doing for level 1, level 2 sellers not for top level sellers. Some of the others sellers already blame this.

Several former top rated sellers have complained about loosing their badges for selling fb likes.

I think Its just a question of time before fb and others take legal action against fiverr sellers who break their terms just like amazon did a while back.
But yes you do have a good point, for example compiling a list of fiverr sellers who violate facebooks terms then sending it to the nearest fb hq as registered mail would surely speed things up (dont send emails as they wont get read).

Is this one of those chips on shoulder posts that you got unfairly singled out? I mean, just move on and make another gig. Cy has good advice. But carry on moaning about TRS as that will clearly make all the difference.