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Updating Buyer's Request for Top Sellers


My name is Gina. I’ve made many purchases on 5r using Buyer’s Request. In the past, I’ve found several great sellers for my translation and writing service.

Granted, there were always unqualified sellers who bid. The last time I placed a request, I thought I found a few good writers for my article. Unfortunately, I was dismayed because two of the three I hired LIED about their credentials on the bid.

Their bid was well written, their gig page was rather good but the end product was shockingly so poor - I’m not sure how to describe it.

I really like using buyer’s request and this is a great tool for buyers to filter through for nitch product without spending hours on gig pages. I know you have been doing many tweaks to make this site better for sellers. It would be great if you can enhance the BR section so that more professional, qualified sellers would bid - making the purchasing better experience for all.

Sometimes, buyers hand needs to be held and told what to write. The section should be redone and catered to categories where specific questions can be asked so the sellers are better able to define the buyer’s needs and their own qualifications.

If you can figure out a way to filter out the spam posters like you did with this forum, I have a feeling it will have a better feel and more sellers with qualifications will bid. That will lead to satisfied customers and happy sellers.



Something close to what you’re suggesting was supposed to have been implemented some time ago but it didn’t roll out; like a lot of suggestions in regards to improvements.


I’m agree with you . :smiley:

I agree, there should be an option for people posting requests to request quote from Top Sellers, Level 2 sellers, Level 1 sellers, etc.


That’s an excellent idea. I didn’t think of that.

A simple filter with pick: Level 0, 1, 2, T, P or all would help to filter!!

Thank you, :slight_smile:


And I wonder when sellers will stop advertising their services in BR :joy: there also be a strict policy to get rid of this.


You’re certainly right, Muhammad! I agree, but as long as there is no one monitoring the requests page I can’t see this happening.

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As because we are undervalued a lot

I think, there exist a few people who are monitoring it because I heard people complaining about the disapproval of their selling post a couple of times… but sometimes those monitoring guys miss their target… Perhaps, they could make a change in a system like a Fiverr user having active gigs on his/her profile cannot post a request. This may help out.

Agreed! I myself am a Level One seller and I can’t help but get discouraged at the “Buyers Request” section, because it is filled to the brim with unqualified sellers; or with sellers posting on the section itself. I have real credentials to back up my main “Gig” but its difficult to break through when competing with over 30 offers from people who are willing to lie about the credentials.

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Always browsing those buyers requests, …

Sometimes there are really time intense and complex buyer requests popping up for far too little budgets (atleast in my opinion :wink: )
And it’s not a minute up there and already 30 offers, it’s crazy.

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