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Updating gig profile image


I’m trying to change my gig’s main profile image (the one that shows up in searches, etc.)
Does it change right away or does it take some time? I’ve been trying to change mine but it’s not changing ugh. My gigs look so ugly right now lol


It used to changed as soon as you click the SAVE button. Not sure how it works these days.


It does happen to everyone, Try the following:
1- Remove all the images and add them again. Doesn’t work? Try 2-Delete your browser cookies.


you’re a lifesaver. thank you!


You’re most welcome!


great ! buy the way you also seem to be a Naruto fan :grinning::wink:


Is that something I should be happy for? :smile:


BE proud to be a naruto fan !


Lol but I’m not a naruto fan! I didn’t even know that my acc name was a naruto :stuck_out_tongue: I saw that name in an online game, a player used it. I just like it.


Aaah… :tired_face: