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Updating Gigs BUG!

This is happening AGAIN & AGAIN!
I update the info of my gig, it shows me “changes were saved”, but in the end, when I access that gig NOTHING, and I mean REALLY NOTHING was actually changed!

This is a big BUG here, when will it be solved?


Hi, sad for you try updating by restarting your internet router or change your browser. If it still happens then contact CS to refresh your account. It will be fixed then.

Sorry?!?!? What an update of a fiverr gig has to do with my internet router !??!?
I have also clicked f5 multiple times, to no avail!

It depends, due to slow internet gig does not update properly.

we are blessed with one of the fastest internet connections in the world, so it’s definitely NOT that
it’s a BUG and it must be solved!

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Sometimes, it does take a few minutes for edits to show up.

Also, I’ve noticed that it’s best to only update one section at a time, and then leave it a few minutes before editing the next required section, otherwise the changes don’t get saved.

Hope this helps!

yes, have you tried contacting CS to refresh your account ?

Thanks for the tip! Will try that!

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This may help … after you click save and it says that your gig is saved then click save and preview.