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Updating System

So. I want to share and provide tips on how a seller can update his buyers on progress. I personally use a system I created and this is working out for me, (see attached screenshots).

How the system works:

I basically have 4 pngs. 1. Your order is next in queue, 2. Starting Order, 3. 50% done, 4. 100 % done, delivering soon.

You post an update according to the progress. My customers like this system as I keep them informed :))

You can use my system , I’ll also attach the pngs.

Hope this helped!

An example:

The pngs:


Yes you could just type it but I prefer doing this as it looks cleaner.

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This is a good method. But personally, I don’t like to make my order page too much long. It will miss out buyers’ additional requirements that they provide after placing their orders.

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