Upgrades for less than $5


I have clients that often ask for a minor change due to an error on their part and are willing to pay. I would love to create a custom order amount for 2 or 3 to be fair, especially when it is a $5 gig in the first place. Charging a full $5 just doesn’t feel fair. Wish tips could do the same, as far as I know the smallest tip is $5 too.

Now I often do custom order for odd amounts like $82 etc, it’s just those smaller gigs that the $5 limits seem to hurt.



As much as I’d agree with that since it is indeed a logical point of view, I would rather prefer to think about upping my base price so that a $5 revision or tip would feel less than the gig price - but hey, that’s just me :stuck_out_tongue:


Use it as leverage.

Your base offer is $5 and additional updates are $5 or “2 for $5” / “3 for $5”


I think it’s great you want to do this but I can see potential for abuse by cheap buyers or those out to cheat a seller.

Here is my suggestion, something that I really like. Some of my great sellers have offered me a deal. They would send me a personal note and an offer.

"Here is your delivery. It has been a pleasure working with you.

  • Before you place your next order, please let me know so I can give you a special rate.

  • I’d like to offer you a 2 for 1 on the next order. (This one has happened to me a few times, but only because I’ve worked with seller on several orders. They trust I wouldn’t take advantage of them ordering $100 gig and want $200)

That way your offer is catered to each individual buyer. It makes us feel special. You can keep good buyer coming back for more - you know the type that will not take the offer, but just feel good you offered.


$5 is a tiny amount of money from which you only get $4. Raise your vision to a higher amount.

If you are thinking it’s too much money and you should only charge $2 or $3 for ANYTHING you need to change how you look at this. You may as well do it free rather than think of charging so little.


I think everyone is missing the point. I don’t want less than 5 for a gig. But if I need to spend the time to correct an error a buyer made, I can do for free or charge them a 1 or 2 dollars. Charging 100% of the original gig for an error on buyer part results in bad blood and reviews.

Why I want to charge for buyer changes, because it stops the constant change this, change that for free when it’s their issue. My mistake, sure it’s free, buyer error then its on them.

As far as tipping. Imagine this. You go out to eat and get a cheap meal for $5. You want to tip as service was good. But they tell you the only amount you cant it 100% or more, $5. So you don’t tip. I really believe there would be more tips on true fiverr gigs if people could tip a dollar or 2.

Larger gigs aren’t an issue for either of these points, it really impacts true fiverr gigs.


Yeah, you could do that, but this is Fiverr, so base gigs are marketed as being $5. And yes I know that is no longer enforced.


Actually, base gigs are now marketed as “starting at $5”, so that means Fiverr = “starting at 5”, which implies it can be more costly than just $5.


Then do it free. It would be degrading for you to charge less than $5 for anything.
You would get $0.80 or $1.60.

If they made a mistake and need it changed after you are finished you have a right to charge them a measly $5 to do the extra work. That’s pocket change.


I would say up the price of your gig. I went from the base of $5 to now $10 since I have a higher feedback score of 100% positive ratings. It depends, what is your feedback score?