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Upgrades in search algorithms and meta tags caused a rapid drop for orders


Hello, folks!

Hope you are doing great. We are writing to reveal one recent issue with Fiverr updates of the searching algorithm and meta tags.

Let us tell our story, briefly:

We are having a good reputation and positive reviews for a long time, the number of orders was permanently stable for a last 3 month period, and we also have a lot of requests from people, and recent 5 stars reviews. However, Fiverr’s recent updates bring very negative consequences and harm our business. For remaining two weeks, we have 0 requests from any buyer, nevertheless, the number of impressions was fine.
We would like to know if our account is only one that faced such problems, or there are plenty of such downfalls among Fiverr’s sellers?

Looking forward to hearing answers from you.



I did give you this link before - maybe you missed it?

Please, is there any need to start another discussion about the dreaded ‘A’ word? Have a wee read of what everybody else has said - if the link above doesn’t have enough info, then please do search the forum by the keyword.

I’m sure Fiverr will let us know when the testing phase is finished.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


Thank you again for the reply! We hope this will happen soon :slight_smile:


There have been many threads started mentioning that others are having the same problem. No one is sure why or what is going on.


Seriously fiverr. stop doing that. I have seen massive growth on different freelancing site . Sellers are joining them on daily basis just because fiverr is totally messed up. For God sake stop doing your tests… Fix your those bugs that really needs your attention.


Same issue… Everything was going good… but now no impressions No order :pensive: They need to fix this, Otherwise good freelancers will join other freelancing websites. Personally I don’t want to do that :disappointed:


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