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Uplaoding video on fiverr is headache


I tried to upload video but it’s getting denied. I contacted to customer care but till now no reply.

I need suggestion.

I used powtoon for creating video. It’s animated. It’s size is below mentioned.



Here are the essential video specifications…

  1. Must be under 50MB
  2. Must be “high quality”
  3. Must be at least 10 seconds but not over 60 seconds
  4. Ideally should have you in the video, speaking to Buyers
  5. Must include “Exclusive on Fiverr” stated vocally or on screen text
  6. Any images or video used must be your own or you have the rights to use
  7. MP4 seems to work best


Reply to @voiceoverwork: Is #4 above a new requirement? There are tons of videos on Fiverr that do not have the seller in the video and in the past month I have heard different opinions if this is a new requirement or not.

steveeyes said: Reply to @voiceoverwork: Is #4 above a new requirement?

Should have, not must have (I added "ideally"). Fiverr favors videos with the Seller in it speaking. There have been posts recently about new Sellers having vids denied that are slideshows with music or no vo. The OP was unclear with details, I was just making sure to kind of cover all the basics.


guaaaa… my first buyer… i did the job 28 hours before and I can not upload the video… too much work for 4$… I try drop box but I do not have the email of the buyer… what can I do? Thanks


You don’t need the buyers’ email to use drop box.

  1. Upload the gig to your drop box account.

  2. Provide the download link for the item in your drop box account in a Fiverr message to the buyer. The buyer clicks the link and can download the gig.

    It isn’t required, but before I upload to drop box I put the gig in a zip folder.