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So, I am thinking hence I read a lot about it to upload an introducing video of myself with some of my GIGs. What kind of experiences you people have with it? Does it really increases your sales, and do you get some bonuses with it?

Probably yes! They have mentioned “Seller who present services in video sell 220% more”

Did you upload video?

Yeah, to one of my gig, Its about writing name or message on beach with sea foam.

did it increase your sale?

Well, I have got first order just after one day of creating gig. It also depend upon your service. As mine is about advertising or just for fun. There might not be a lot people looking for fun. But yeah, I have got 200+ bookmarks(favourites) on that gig just in 2 days. It means that it appear more in searches.

Thank you :slight_smile:

You’re welcome anytime. Have a good day! :slight_smile:

I Can only tell you my experience.

In my case, I am a graphic designer, uploading a video did not help in nay way.

After 2 weeks I’ve removed the video.

Probably it depends on the category of the gig, I’m sure in some cases it helps a lot to have a movie.

I think I will try to upload video, I’m new here and I really want some ways to help me and I realized that uploading videos is one of the best ways!

that is why I am having a doubts, I am as well graphic designer, so beside just introduce myself to people I haven t got any other idea of how to focus a video and with graphic design of any sort I am not sure it helps. will give it a try and let you know if it helped me, so maybe you can give it a second shot too :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing your experience.

For graphic design gigs, you are much better off having an up-to-date flickr profile than a video in your gig

I don’t really think is needed, unless you are offering something like a testimonial so just think about it. And I would only upload a video in case I had many visits or clicks on one of my gigs and that’s not the case haha hope that helped you .*

so, isn t against fiverr TOS to have link to any other site? Would you mind a bit explain me this flickr profile in GIG, I don t get it…

I read somewhere on forum that if you have video inside of a GIG you get higher shown in searching … and we all want to be visible to as much buyers as possible. That is also why I asked here other people for their experiences :slight_smile: On one thread in forum I read that buyers are more confident into talking with you and take you more serious when they get an impression you are a real person and have no issues into introducing yourself. It was also a topic on fiverr podcast, I can link you if you are interested into do a little research and read.

Hey there
Uploading a video in my case did not help… Unfortunately… But do not forget that if the video is good it increases sales… If it is not and it is something you made while you were making a sandwich probable won’t help you a lot :smiley:

I don t know what to do on a video…thats I guess my biggest issue, except my paintings in my working room all my work is like on computer…I ll figure this out and make rocket of a video, one day… :smiley:

Technically it’s against the ToS to link to outside websites, but if you clamp down the comment areas, ways to contact you, etc. so that all traffic is pointed back to your Fiverr profile, customer support will allow it. I recently got their permission to offer my services via a separate YouTube and Google+ after asking customer support to look at the profiles and see that it wasn’t possible for clients to contact me via those pages. It’s not an optimum solution, but it’s working really well for me.

Why not, Fiverr itself says “Video help in more sale of your gig”

Flickr, YouTube, and SoundCloud links of your work is allowed