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Upload Button Disappears on Chrome

I wish Fiverr would fix the uploader on Chrome. When it comes time to deliver an order, I never know if the Upload File button will be visible or not. I have reported this bug before. It wasn’t fixed. I cleared cache, restarted the computer… still no upload button on Chrome. Then the next day, the upload button might appear or it might not. You never know. How about some consistency? (Preferably that the upload button is always there when you need it.) Yes, I can go through ie and then the upload button is there… but why should we have to change browsers to upload a file?

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Hi there,

Will you please tell me about Your Internet speed? Which ISP are you using?

Clear the cache… Restart it done…

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I don’t use Chrome for Fiverr at all now. Chrome just caused pointless crashes.

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That’s one of the reasons I do all delivery via dropbox. And uploads are much faster on dropbox too.

Between file size limits and slow uploads, dropbox is a better solution for my type of gigs. It also gets around the periods of time that the upload system is broken.

Same here but I upload on and then share the uploaded file link to my client in delivery section.

Don’t think you’re allowed to use mega links - might be better to stick to DropBox?

Is there any official rules from fiverr that we can’t share mega links?

Here’s some info which might help - only place to get official info is Customer Services


The last time I asked Customer Support, they pretty much expressly said Dropbox, even though I had expressly asked about Drive in my ticket, so I guess if you want some guarantee that you can use mega, better ask Support, nobody here can give you that guarantee.