Upload issue


I am buyer and I cannot upload either word document or pdf document to seller. It loads ok and then as soon as I click send it says Attachment Unavailable. Please can someone assist?


please can someone suggest a solution?



Clear your cookies and cache and reboot your computer and try again.






I am seeing “Attachment Unavailable” message on all attached files on my every order and conversation of inbox.

Seems there is a Issues in fiverr.com as i have checked from 3 different devices and clear all cache etc.


Same here, cannot send and all my attachments on my live gigs are gone.


This is what it looks like:

I just got response from Customer Support:

Hi there,

Apologies for the inconvenience. We are aware of these issues and our tech team is working towards a resolution we hope to have ready soon. Please bear with us and rely on us if you need anything.

Kind regards,

Fiverr Customer Support is working on this issue.


Same issue there, waiting while they fix it out.



furthermore CUSTOMER SUPPORT said:

Any other issues that arise as a result of this problem will be resolved. Please just let us know of any such issues once the main problem is resolved. :)

So its better not to overload them with support requests, as they are working on this issue. And if a order is delayed due to this problem, Customer Support will resolve that issue.



Issue is now resolved at my account. Hopefully to all fellow members account as well.


I can’t add image to a gig too.