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Upload limit is too low

Hi there,

I wonder why the upload limit (when you want to deliver the order) is so low - just 150MB? Normally it’s OK, but sometimes my source files are 600MB or even 900MB. Of course I’m using then OneDrive, but it’s not very convenient and quite annoying.


Reply to @tsweezey: There you go operating your Fiverr activities like a real business again! I honestly don’t know how you get away with Fiverr not thwarting your efforts! Keep it up! :wink:

Reply to @jenniferdetar: Me too. In fact, a large percentage of my customers use it too.

What I try to do is to upload my fully produced videos to fiverr (space allowing), and my atypical non-produced videos to dropbox. This lets me keep my portfolio pretty clean of items that don’t really reflect a typical production. For example, if someone wants a green screen only video, I’ll deliver via dropbox. That way you don’t see it in my portfolio.

Reply to @orcatek: Yeah, that’s one of a few Fiverr misnomers…

  1. “150MB upload limit” really means the individual file size 100MB, total uploadable 150MB
  2. “xx Days On Average” really means “sellers delivery schedule” (nothing remotely average about it)
  3. “XXX% Positive” doesn’t mean that at all since they changed their rating system. Now you can drop below 100% just by getting four star reviews (clearly positive).

    I’d be willing to bet that so much confusion could be eliminated by just labeling these things with their “real” meaning :slight_smile:

Reply to @deesajn: Hopefully someone from Fiverr will see it.

BTW, it’s not really 150 either. That is combined total, not a single file. Single files appear to need to be under 100.

Use google drive or something similar. This site has its own limits. :slight_smile:

I know, I’m using Microsoft OneDrive, they offer 100GB for free, but as I said, quite annoying, I wish I could send all necessary files here.

deesajn said: I wish I could send all necessary files here.

You could make a post in the "suggestions" portion of the forum. :)

Reply to @deesajn: did you say 100GB ? BRB, gotta get Onedrive.

Reply to @itsyourthing:

You are right, will do.

Reply to @kay2809:

Yes, but this is promotion offer, only for US citizens, but of course you can use a proxy server and get it too. I’m not sure, it should work

I use webbycloud file storage! :slight_smile:

Reply to @itsyourthing: Oh Fiverr thwarts my efforts all the time, but I keep keep coming back. I worry it’s a codependent relationship :slight_smile: For what it’s worth, while I gripe often, I find great promise here and I’m pretty keen on trying to capitalize on it’s full potential.

Reply to @tsweezey: I do agree there is plenty of potential here. Unfortunately, my skills, patience and software are lacking in the ways that are most likely to succeed on Fiverr.

I make a few sales and generally keep my sanity (generally), so it’s not all bad. :slight_smile: