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Upload Max is 150MB. Why Can't I Upload 143MB?


I’m about to deliver a gig but I think I have serious problems in uploading my gig. The size of the file is 143MB and was later on reduced to 116MB but both had errors saying “File is too large”. I have to modify the video to a lower quality and it’s now 46MB. As of this writing, “Saving Draft” is terribly slow but at least it’s uploading.

Are there options to correct this?

By the way, I have to re-upload as it said 403 forbidden. How can I deliver my work?

Open an account with Upload the file there and send the generated link to your Buyer. You should not have any problem uploading the 143mb file. This solution is acceptable with Fiverr.

Yeah. Dropbox, Google Drive, or if applicable Sound Cloud are the best ways to deliver large files. As long as it’s a direct link to the file with stops in-between at your off-Fiverr website, Customer Support doesn’t care. Just be sure to specifically say in the text area of the order delivery form that you’re giving the client a download link because the Fiverr system doesn’t permit large downloads. CYA, and all that.

Reply to @bachas85: How much work does it take to make that clear for users? And since their software can distinguish that there is a single file exceeding 100mb, why don’t they inform the user with a meaningful dialog? And why don’t they face the reality that large files are becoming commonplace. Instead of creating unnecessary mouseovers and other bloatware, they should be paying attention to the basics.

They must take great pleasure in frustrating their users.

Dropbox is no real solution since you have only 2GB free there, and what if you delete the file and the client wants to download it again in 5 months? Ye I suffer from the 150mb capacity and 10 file limitation, sometimes I need to send 11 files :confused:

nigellus said: what if you delete the file and the client wants to download it again in 5 months?
Just upload it again. Are you responsible to provide a permanent repository for your client's data. Once delivered it becomes the client's responsibility, No?

bad upload service. For 20% commission of my work, I would have expected something more.

Yeah you’d think with the amount of $ Fiverr makes they could at least spend it on decent servers, the upload limits are a joke and that’s when they work, half the time they crash your browser and you have to re-upload your file, which is why I rarely bother with it, I’d rather upload something to a reliable host, as Fiverr is far from, sad but true.