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Upload my own Product (animation) in another website


Hi all,
I’m a 2d animator and i was wondering, is it possible to upload my own work that i created for a fiverr customer in another website ? it’s just so i can get feedback on my work from other professionals, because this website i’m talking about is for animators, this procedure doesn’t make me profit by the way.

Thank you,


You can add your portfolio link, which is allowed by Fiverr. Here you can find which URL are allowed;


Thank you for the reply, but i didn’t mean that, what i meant is, can i for example, upload my own work done here on fiverr to youtube or other website ?

Thank you,


You are welcome, I don’t know about this. If you didn’t get any profit from the buyer so the buyer does not have the copyright and you are allowed to use it.


The buyer owns the rights after delivery. Ask the buyer for permission before using the work anywhere else. If the buyer says no, you cannot do it.


I see, thanks for clearing this out.