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Upload pictures don´t work

why does the upload for my new gig doesn´t work… I quess I tried everything possible with the filesize etc , but it won´t work anyway.

sorry if the question sounds stupid, but I am new here… and normally I do not have such stupid problems :wink:

thank you in advance


p.s… here it works… very strange

I tried it with safari, camino and firefox…hmm… just have a look if i will find chrome for mac… :slight_smile:

hi kjiblynx

thank you for your reply, but all that is done… i can browse for the pix, but when I choose it nothing happen, no error, n o t h i n g…

meanwhile I got a little bit annoyed, cause saving without a pix is even impossible…

I tried to use another browser, cleaned my cache, my cookies… nothing helped… hmm