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Uploaded file is 0 bytes, empty document bug


I had a strange bug today.

  1. Uploaded a document in .doc format with delivery message.
  2. Waited for the upload bar to upload the file entirely. -> Clicked on “deliver work” ->everything seems fine
  3. Buyer asks for modification approx half an hour after my delivery and says - the file is empty??
  • File was a Word document .doc and the size next to was indeed (0 bytes). :eyes: and upon opening document was indeed empty. Only thing that stayed the same was the file name. (see picture)empty%20document
  1. Luckily I had a copy of the document in my work folder and I was there to successfully upload and deliver the file minutes later in another try.
    -Luckily I was still online, otherwise if I went offline for a while it could be interpreted as an empty delivery and lead to a ToS warning.

Be careful when uploading your files and double check guys, otherwise you can lose your entire work or get warned. If you notice (0 bytes) next to it, upload again immediately!


I had the same happening with zip folders. Thanks for posting.