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Uploaded Image Too Large

I have resized my photos a hundred different ways and no matter what size the image is huge and is cut off. Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong? Thanks!


I’ve had a buch of problems with photos being cut off and think I’ve finally got it working. Make sure your photo is 600x370 and is at 72 DPI (not 300 DPI for printing). Even with these dimensions I’ve found some cut off on the left and right so I am attaching a .jpg file that has worked for me that you can use as a template.


use this image software to Fragglesrock and adjust the demensions.

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Before you upload your images, just’> according to the right picture size requirement, then this thing won’t happen.

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is it possible for you to convert image format to a smaller size image file. and then use the image editor to resize image to the size you want.

I couldn’t figure this out either! But finally did … just use a photo editing program to add a border to each edge that’s the same color as the background, or borders can just be white if your background isn’t a solid color. This puts the actual image in the middle, so the only thing that will be chopped off are the borders. Border size 400 seems to work pretty well. You can experiment.

I saved my image as a web image from illustrator, dimensions 430x230, 17KB and it still does not upload. Keep getting the error that it’s too large…

Reply to @splitscreen15: oops I read the error wrong. my image is not big enough…

and here I was making it smaller