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Uploaded video denied! translation missing


I uploaded a video on fiverr and its denied again due to
"translation missing: en.video_deny_reasons.deny_reason_[“0”, “15”].text"
Will some one explain me what’s exactly happened?


That might be a question best addressed to Customer Support.


I got this too, and no explanation in the email! Like we are all video experts :slight_smile:


I got this too: translation missing: en.video_deny_reasons.deny_reason_[“0”, “6”].text
Fiverr really needs to be more user friendly.


Try checking the length of your video and make sure it’s not longer than allowed.


That sounds like a code bug - website trying to send an automated response and not finding the text it should attach to the denial notification.

Either way, it’s CS material.


@wordpresskiller how did you solve this problem ? I faced the problem few hours ago