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Uploaded Video keeps getting denied

Hi guys,

I uploaded my newly created video here in fiverr to video-fy my gig and get more sales. But unfortunately on the processing part of my video where it also says “may take up to 24 hrs”. It got denied 3x already (video denied, retry?).

I really don’t have any idea why. My video length is just under 2 minutes (1:44 minutes) and it’s under 50mb (44.8mb to be exact). I also included “Exclusively on Fiverr”.

Hmm am I missing something? I already checked the customer support and the YouTube channel of fiverr but there’s no tutorial or solution for my problem.

I hope you can help me guys.

jamontheblock said: My video length is just under 2 minutes (1:44 minutes) and it's under 50mb (44.8mb to be exact). I also included "Exclusively on Fiverr".

Videos need to be between 10 and 60 seconds.

There has to be a problem. I think I had one video denied a while back and if my memory serves me well, they listed what the problem was in the email they sent me.

For us to help you, we would have to see the video. You could upload the video to your youtube account and provide a link to it so we can give you feedback.

Reply to @voiceoverwork:

Hi, thanks for the reply. I’ve seen some sellers that have video which also exceeds 60 seconds like bachas85’s video and guyman20’s video

Reply to @steveeyes:

Hi, thanks for the reply. Here’s the link of the video which I also uploaded in YouTube

It is probably due to the overall quality of the video, it could be either video quality or sound quality maybe the video is too dark, too blurry/grainy or the sound is muffled or too quiet, I,m currently processing some videos for my services making sure they pass revision the first time, I could edit the video for you if this is the case, get in contact with me via inbox if you would like to take me up on the offer (*)

Reply to @joeyjive:

Hi, thanks for the offer but the video I created is in high quality same with the sound. You can check the video here:

By the looks of it then your video is being denied on the basis of it’s duration, I realise that there may be videos by other sellers which exceed the 60 second limit but you have to bare in mind that your video is being reviewed by fiver staff and possibly the specific member of staff who is processing videos today may be more strict on the reviewing process and follows the guidelines to the word whereas the seller who’s video exceeds the time limit could have had their video reviewed by a different member of staff quite some time ago who was not as strict on guidelines (*)

jamontheblock said: I've seen some sellers that have video which also exceeds 60 seconds

Those Sellers have been here awhile and those videos are before the guideline changes and/or pre V2. They are "grand-fathered", so to speak.

Reply to @voiceoverwork:

Hi, I received an email and it says that my video was too long. You were right. I am already editing my video. Thank you so much for giving advise. I really appreciate it. :slight_smile:

Reply to @joeyjive:

You and voiceoverwork were right. My video was too long. It seems they are very strict with the duration of the videos this days. Anyways, thank you so much. I really appreciate your help :slight_smile: