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Uploadig a picture on the Gig Gallery

Hello, I just created a profile, but I’m unable to upload a picture on my Gig Gallery even though the parameters for the picture do next exceed the limit.

I need expert advice! Thank you for your help!

When you say the picture “do next” exceed the limit. Perhaps the image is too small. The minimum size should be as Fiverr specifies.

I’ve had this problem not too long ago for a gig. The " high quality" in my own observation has been suspect at best — doesn’t seem to be any uniformity to it. What you do is you find a good pic and basically carve the size down to the parameters given in their directions. It may be some trial and error involved. I know it sucks.

I have done this about 1000 times and it still won’t WORK! Not sure what is going on. From photoshop with the guidelines you give I export to jpeg and it is not accepted! What am I doing wrong???