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Uploading a 2 MB file n the order page takes forever!

I’ve been trying to deliver my 2MB word file 3 hours ago! and it’s still uploading!
Luckily I wanted to deliver it a day earlier, someone please help me, How can I upload it and how can I report it!


@saadial i think this is your internet problem not fiverr problem. check your internet connection speed

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Of course not, I wouldn’t posted here if I didn’t make sure it wasn’t my internet connection!
It’s been 3 hours!! How can I report this?

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Ah I thought the maximum file size was 1MB in the order page! For larger files I go through google drive, but here too it’s very slow because of my internet speed


I think you should used the 5g technology your problem will be resolved now…

UPDATE: It was my internet connection, the firewall was blocking any uploading! I googled it and solved the problem using command prompt! thank you everyone!

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